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How to make a story model/world

mercredi 2 mai 2018, par 朱立安

Some kind of stories are easier to model, for example "Startrek" kind of stories. To make a good story model, you have to identify cycles or repetitive schemes. For example, we will take zombies/survivor(s) kind of stories, the goal is to survive, find enough foods. so we can identify a cycle :
- during the day, there is an exploration phase with some events
- then a night phase, survivor(s) have rest, eat food, some events can occur during the night
- a new day begins You have also to identify when a cycle will stop : the survivors dies because the lack of foods, killed... So food here is an important element, when the survivor finds some foods, we increment FOOD of 1, when he eats, decrement FOOD of 1, if FOOD is less or equal to 0, the survivor dies we break the cycle.

To prevent repetitive text when executing multiple cycles, you can express the same idea with different words. So, in a node you can use : "same idea1#same idea2#same idea3" idea is the same but expressed with some variation and different words, the program will choose randomly one of them. Just use "#" to seperate narrative element.

Here you can download the story model of a zombies /survivor story, the example is in French. It contains only 30 nodes, but the main model is done. You can after make it more complex.

XML - 8.4 ko

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